Dry Ridge Systems

The Dry Ridge system securely fixes the ridge tiles onto a roof, protecting them from wind up-lift and rain penetration and providing a neat, secure finish at the roof’s edges.

The main advantages of Dry Ridge/Dry Verge is that there is no need for mortar, making it easier and quicker to fit at any time, even in low temperatures or other adverse conditions which affect the ability of mortar to set.

Dry Ridge is compatible with most types of tiles and slate and can be fitted to the ridge of any duo pitch roofs which have a pitch between 15 and 45 degrees. Dry Ridge is generally available in black, brown and terracotta and is strong, durable whilst emulating the appearance of a traditional verge. It’s also weathertight and maintenance-free.

As with all roofing work, it’s important that such work is carried out by a professional roofer to ensure a high quality finish and long-term durability.

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